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Web design and development Kent

Give your business a professional face on the web with a high quality website which will generate leads, increase sales, and provide opportunities for growth. Prices start from just £850, and all packages come with a completely free initial consultation.

  • Websites that work and wow

    Having a poorly designed website will cost you on your impressions in the long term, so make sure you get it right from the start! A good website is essential for any business or organisation wanting to demonstrate their professionalism and achieve a platform for growth. All of our affordable website packages provide a reliable, well-built website which can also be edited and extended to meet to future requirements.

  • Built for quality

    Our sites are built upon award-winning web platforms, fined tuned for your requirements. Your site’s bespoke design and structure is implemented by hand by our skilled web developers, embedding the powerful online editing and management features. Every site is tested across a range of browsers and devices to ensure compatibility and reliability, ensuring that your website will work with both mobile devices and traditional computer screens.


Perfect for getting started

from £850

We will create a website that works with your brand and colours. We take care of the entire setup to deliver a ready-to-go solution.


Perfect for local businesses

from £2199

We will create a website for you that is designed from scratch. Designed by professional graphic designers, you can be assured of a unique, high quality design with your logo, colours and pictures. We take care of the entire setup to deliver a ready-to-go solution.


Most Popular

Suitable for most small businesses

from £3000

We will build a website that is designed from scratch to meet your exact requirements. Designed in-house by professional graphic designers, you can be assured of a unique, high quality design. As with our starter package, we take care of the entire setup to deliver a ready-to-go solution.


Professionally designed websites

from £6000

We will build an online shop that is designed from scratch to meet your exact requirements. Designed in-house by professional graphic designers, you can be assured of a unique, high quality design. As with our starter package, we take care of the entire setup to deliver a ready-to-go solution.

Why you need a new website

Whether it’s a new website or a redesign of an existing site, Lizard Digital design stunning websites that create positive customer experiences that reflect your business and brand.

An attractive, well-designed website is one of the top criteria for determining the credibility of your company. It’s where you tell people about what you do and the products and services you offer. It’s also the hub for content that answers your customers’ questions and gives them the confidence to choose you before your competitors.

Starting with your customers and potential customers in mind, all websites designed by Lizard Digital are:

  • User-friendly

    We’ll make it easy for visitors to your site to find the information they need, make enquiries, and buy your products and services. We’ll help you understand which elements of your website are most important so that potential customers are naturally drawn to these areas first. We’ll make sure that visitors can navigate around your site without having to think too much, helping them discover more about what your business does and convert leads into clients as simply as possible.

  • Mobile-friendly, tablet-friendly, desktop-friendly

    The way that people search the web changes all the time, the current trend is for mobile search with more and more people relying on smartphones and tablets to access the internet. Which means that your site needs to have the same user-friendly feel on different devices. With responsive design visitors to your site get the same excellent user experience no matter which device or browser they use.

  • SEO friendly

    A website that looks good and is easy to navigate is all very but to be successful visitors need to be able to find your website in the first place. These days, pretty much everyone uses search engines to find the information they want. Which means that you need your website to be displayed in search results so that visitors click on links to your site. We’ll help you understand what your customers and prospects search for when looking for the type of products and services you offer. We’ll help you create interesting, catchy headlines and content that make visitors explore your site and convert them into leads.

Experts in leading platforms

When it comes to deciding which platform to build your website on you need to know that it can grow and develop with your business. We are experts in all of the leading web development platforms including WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Shopify.

  • WordPress

    WordPress is great for content-rich businesses. It has all of the marketing tools you need to build and grow your following including SEO and social media plugins.

  • Drupal

    Drupal has a lot of advanced functionality and is more powerful than WordPress. It is especially suitable for larger, more complex sites. It can easily handle thousands of pages and thousands of users.

  • Shopify

    Shopify is an e-commerce platform offering everything that you need to open and run an online shop including managing your inventory, secure checkout and shipping.

  • Magento

    Magento is aimed at larger online stores with unlimited scalability and customisation.

Our web design process

  • Determine your goals

    A good website is built on a solid foundation. We’ll put ourselves in the shoes of your website visitors, we’ll figure out what is important to them so that we build you a website based on the things that your customers care about. That’s how we help you get more visitors to your site, more people doing what you want them to do when they get there (higher conversion rates) and ultimately more business. There are many reasons for wanting a new website:

    • Sell more online or improve your prospects of being found in search results.
    • Your marketing strategy has changed and you need a new site to reflect that.
    • Your old website doesn’t work as well as it should, it isn’t responsive or easy to navigate.
    • You cannot update your existing website easily with new content.
    • Your competitors have improved their websites.
  • Define your target customers

    We build websites that are focused on your potential customers, your existing customers and what they want from your site. Before we create a new site we’ll want to find out who your ideal customers are and how they behave online. We’ll use analytics to discover more about the demographics of your ideal customers, the websites and type of content they are interested in. We’ll help you define buyer personas that define the characteristics of your ideal customers. We’ll ask you:

    • Do you have clearly defined target markets?
    • Do your brand and content reflect what they are interested in?
    • What do they type into Google to find you?
  • Understand your market and competition

    We’ll want to know more about your competitors, what do they do well and how do you compare against them. We’ll do research to find out:

    • Which competitors are ranking well in search engine results pages.
    • The keywords are they being found for.
    • The content they have on their websites and how well it performs
  • Create a sitemap and wireframe

    Before we start to design your website we map out the paths that we want each of your different ideal customers to take. We’ll map out the content that we want them to find when they arrive on your website, what we want them to do next and the information you can offer them that will educate them about your company. This all helps define the journeys you want visitors to make so that they are more likely to buy your products or leave their contact details so that you can stay in touch.

  • Design and build

    The next step is to design your website in a way that optimises how your content is displayed. Our designers are experts in using the principles of design to create stunning websites that help visitors find all of the information they need and keep coming back for more. Once you approve the design we turn the mockup pages into actual web pages. We develop templates so that you can easily update your new website with new content.

White Label Web Design

We can also provide white-label or reseller services for business wishing to expand their service portfolio. Already have a designer but no development team? We can convert your .PSD or .Sketch to WordPress, Drupal or Magento themes for as little as £350. Please contact us for more information and a bespoke quote.